Corey's Angels is a 360 degree interactive experience. Right now we are at the very beginning stages of building this terrific new venture.

Corey's Angels was founded earlier this year by its owner (Actor, singer, dancer, writer, producer, director, entrepreneur philanthropist, and all around entertainer/host) Corey Feldman. Corey aside from his life long career as an entertainer has also been known to be surrounded by droves of gorgeous women. Aside from being labeled a"Teen Hearthrob" and "Rockstar" which didn't hurt building this reputation, he credits this pied piper like existence to having a very privileged access to the world of Playboy, where Corey has spent much of his adult life.

Being a guest of the world famous Playboy Mansion is what Corey credits to how he respects and appreciates the beautiful women in his life.In a recent interview Corey stated " Being around the mansion taught me how to do things classy, and how to be a true gentleman towards all of my guests, just as I have watched Playboys founder do for all of these years, as he remains to be youthful and enigmatic regardless of his age.. Corey has been part of the Playboy family for over 25 years. Attending their parties, bringing beautiful girls every week to the infamous Playboy Mansion for the "fun n the sun" Sunday pool parties and movie nights. Corey stated recently "As I have no "family home" to go back to I can honestly say I have spent more time at the Mansion than any other home on this Earth, so yes it is my family up there". When Corey was Executive producing his hit TV show "the Two Coreys" on A&E the mansion was part of it. As Corey made a deal to shoot up there for a very special episode where Playboy asked Susie Feldman (Corey's ex wife) to appear in the magazine, and she in fact shot a pictorial for their August issue in 2009.

Corey and Susie since divorced, and Corey for the first time in his adult life is currently single. Corey also being an actor musician has the good fortune of travelling all over the world where he has the opportunity to meet gorgeous and beautiful women of all races and types of ethnicity. Now for the first time he is merging all of those worlds together by creating Corey's Angels.

Corey's Angels is an all new upscale and super exclusive private membership social club that throws several events per year as its front, but behind the scenes Corey is picking his Angels now to present to the world through all forms of media. Corey explains: Corey's Angels is about a whole lot more than just a website or throwing some parties. I want to create a platform for these beautiful and angelic ladies to showcase their many talents and help them realize their dreams and goals in their respective careers. Then I will give our exclusive members the opportunity to mix, mingle, and socialize with these glamorous vixens, in various personal and intimate settings."

Then he adds "Angels as a whole is being created to admire the true beauty of women. Not to just sit back and observe but to help foster their dreams into realities. I am looking for girls that are not just beautiful and intelligent but they must have talents that go far beyond their looks, Angels should be triple threats...actors, singers, dancers, wherever their true talents and passions lie. We will find them and encourage their growth by including them in projects designed to showcase their abilities outside of modelling" As for the members of this elite club he said "This gives your average business man the opportunity to mingle with Angels, and hopefully create relationships that will be mutually beneficial in making their dreams a reality."

Corey's Angels will become a full membership site early next year and will coincide with Corey's return to the stage as he prepares for his new play "White Lies" in which Corey stars guessed it... a cast of gorgeous and talented women. The play "White Lies" Features Corey as the lead role (Joe White) a womanizing divorce attorney, a stark opposite of Corey's true "romantic at heart" nature but the perfect setting to showcase an array of talent both from himself and the women who are cast with him in the show. White Lies is expected to debut in the UK in early spring 2013.

But for now as we start turning the wheels of this machine it will be a slow building process, as we get ready to ascend on this remarkable journey. We will be offering different types of memberships as well as the opportunity to attend each party without membership to a select few. Corey explains " To keep these events super exclusive we will always have between 200-400 beautiful models at each party while never allowing more than 100 men in attendance at any one time. Half of our male guests will be celebrities, producers, and VIP's, the other half will be the members and ticket holders, and beautiful ladies are always welcome free of charge pending approval of their submitted photos" He runs a very tight ship....but that is what keeps the word exclusive in tact. "This is not about having tons of guests and making loads of money, its about creating a posh, yet sexy environment for guests to relax, and enjoy, and dance the night away"

So far the "Angels" parties Corey has thrown have been an overwhelming success with celebrities in attendance such as: Tom Green, NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon, Playboy top photographer Steven Wayda, DJ Poet (Black Eyed Peas), Woody Harelson, Crispin Glover, Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC), Todd Bridges, and Kato Kaelin to name a few, and of course plenty of models from the world of Playboy. You can now get a rare look into the parties by going to the Preview section of this site which is now live. We look forward to welcoming you to the closest thing to heaven on this Earth.....